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Venture Studio & Agency Helping Brands Sustainably Scale

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We are an international consultancy and venture studio based in NYC comprised of passionate aficionados working to align with forward-thinking brands to usher in a brighter future through commerce. Our team helps our global clients grow their businesses in tech, luxury, clean beauty, fintech, and wellness. We are looking to not only grow as an agency and create compelling campaigns, but aspire to bud toward building real value in the market as brand builders, brand creators, and niche disruptors.



Alignment that ignites passion and hunger. Amplifying a message beyond standard practice to drive results.


Your mission becomes ours. We’re not about staking clients rather we align to drive visions. 


Leverage, streamline and focus. In a distracted world, focus is key. We sub-niche down this ensures know the audiences needs, we have tested the market with other products and know how to serve them accelerating the process. 


We offer an outside perspective that offers actionable solutions rooted in mastery.


The world doesn’t need another product, what the world needs are brands and people who stand for a cause empowering others towards a more abundant way of living. 


Our ethos is “be the change you wish to see.” Dedicated to the mastery of our craft so that we can be of service to the brands that are striving to shift humanity forward, away from mindless consumerism but into empowered conscious consumers. 


Our ideal clients range from clean supplements, wearable tech, environmental protection, smart homes, and more. Brands who inform, support, and create solutions to problems that are needed to bring forth the change on the micro and the macro. 


Our ethos is rooted in knowing that the campaigns we build for our clients help them connect people with their mission. The sales generated are not valued solely by profits but by change. Each conversion, a 1% shift that leads to healthier, cleaner, sustainable, and overall more effective outcomes. 



While most agencies focus on a collective of offerings we dialed in to focus on ONE thing in an effort to remain world-class. 

 Streamlining our systems and processes to ensure we are as efficiently systematized as possible so we can focus with maximum speed and efficiency as an integral part of your mission.  


 We are ambitious partners for your modern brand. Your mission is ours and we want to ensure that every dollar spent is working to drive your mission forward. 


It’s, for this reason, that we are NOT like any other agency, we are a small nimble team, without the excessive overhead. We provide exceptional results focused on aligning our skills towards the betterment of the collective through your mission.


Meta & Tik Tok Advertising

Meta’s various advertising solutions offer your brand the opportunity to reach current and potential customers at every stage of their journey from awareness to purchase. An optimized Meta advertising strategy is one of the most powerful drivers of revenue growth for any digital brand.

We craft digital ad strategies using targeting techniques to acquire (or reacquire) the perfect customers for your brand, constantly refining creative and copy variants to invigorate ads and optimize ROI.



 Conversion Optimization, Growth & Scale

We consider every dollar of our partner's ad spend as if it were our own, not only do we bring you sustainable results -we scale them.  We mindfully approach campaigns with the confidence of mastery and consideration of your cause in order to connect and align more people with your mission. 

Liaison Capital is an initiative that aims to unify our experiences building over the last decade with great brands to create a more progressive impact. As active entrepreneurs, c-level consultants, and investors, we spend a large portion of our time helping early-stage founders block and tackle. We focus primarily on pre-seed to Series A consumer-focused CPG and tech startups. As an advisory and investment firm, we seek to identify the next generation of iconic brands and empower their growth from niche to mainstream.

We believe that while it’s never been easier to start a company, challenger brands are fighting an uphill battle for mindshare against incumbents with ten-figure marketing budgets and nationwide distribution. 

We back these brands and give these companies the capital and capabilities necessary to compete in the marketplace and deliver superior products to their customers. Our model delivers founders significant operational leverage through access to enterprise solutions through our partner network across marketing, logistics, and human capital.

Through Liaison Capital, we set out to find, forward-thinking products and services that will disrupt industries, and partner with them to build the next generation of great brands.



1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions.

Each year, we'll be donating 1% of our agency's annual revenue in support of mission-driven nonprofits that work to bring optimal planetary change and alignment. ⁠

The goal is to aim beyond industry standards of service delivery and performance. To seek to engage in the world in a more active and participatory way that promotes growth and expansion for and beyond commerce. ⁠



Charity Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


There I came to learn that 785 million people live without clean water. How could this be?

That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, or, 2x the population of the United States without access to life’s most basic human need.

Watch their film, The Spring, to learn more about their story. We joined the Spring in February 2021. So far in union with the Spring community we're supporting to bringing clean water to an estimated 46,160 people every month and growing.

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 6.27.52 PM.png


One of the primary drivers of a business's success is their ability to communicate to their audience effectively, understanding the value of what we do, we find it important to stand behind and grow with brands that are forging a better world through their mission. Their success, aids in our ability to support this shift, and our capabilities are also honored by giving back to causes that we want to 


Liaison & Partners, specifically founder Jamila, has worked with us to build our brand over the past 4 years. What separates Jamila and her agency from others is how she positions herself with specific brands that are progressive and those in which she truly believes in. The benefit of this is seen through her innovative work. Jamila was able to understand our vision, provide valuable insight and execute it better than we could have ever imagined.

"The world doesn’t need another product, what the world needs are brands and people who stand for a cause empowering others towards a more abundant way of living."

- Liaison & Partners



 We're always open to connecting with new brands to explore how we can be of service. With that being said, we partner under select engagements as we strive for quality alignment and long-term growth partnerships. 

What to expect on our Call? We'll explore where you're at with your business and offer actionable steps you and your team can apply to create sustainable results online with Paid Advertising.
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