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A Frontier for DTC: Rethinking Loyalty & Community

LP:01 Whitepaper

It’s getting harder and more expensive for #DTC brands to get and retain customers.

Acquisition costs (CACs) have risen by 222% in the last eight years, with a 41% increase in the last year alone. CPMs have increased by over 60% across Meta and Google.

The intense competition and rising costs beg the question:

"Where do brands go from here?"

To answer this question, I’ve created a Whitepaper that explains the next iteration of the internet #web3, how it will change #DTC, the mechanism to drive deeper engagement, and more. So you and your team can get clarity on how to approach and implement new strategies relative to your niche.

With successful execution you will:

→ Reduce your Cost → Increase your Customer's Lifetime Value

→ Boost Your Average Order Value

→ Boost retention

++ More

Save yourself time, money, and stress = Use this.

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